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Why We Are Against New IPAC Interim Leadership In Ebonyi – Nweze, Obiya



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Following recent inauguration of new Inter party Advisory Council (IPAC) in Ebonyi State, the state Chairman of Social Democratic Party (SDP) Mr. Austin Ituma Nweze and that of Zenith Labour Party, Mr. Sabastin Friday Obiya has given more reasons why they are against the inauguration of the State IPAC interim committee.

 They maintained that Mr. Austin Nweze and others had earlier been inaugurated as Ebonyi IPAC interim leadership. Addressing the press in Abakaliki, the group held that since the Austin Nweze committee came after the court directives, and that all the members were still in IPAC, constituting another interim leadership was not necessary, illegal and not acceptable to them.

Mr. Nweze who alleged that his life was under threat by those in support of the state government, explained that INEC which acts as supervising agency for IPAC was not in support of the new interim leadership, hence their absence at the inauguration.

“we want to notify the public that the issue of Interparty Advisory council has taken a different sharp. By the grace of God I am the chairman of the State interim management committee. I say that the case in Ebonyi state is different because when the national interim committee was set up. They first of all dissolved all the State Executive members of IPAC and issued a directive that the various State chapters should form interim management committee to be able to bridge the gap in the electoral processes in the country. 

“So we followed this instruction and constituted the committee on 3rd of March, 2020. And immediately after the constitution of this committee we began to receive series of attackks from the government through the SA on Inter party affairs, Comrade Mrs. Jennifer Adibe Nwafor and the former Chairman of IPAC, one Mr. Morgan Nwogba. They even published it on various newspapers.

“As law abiding people, we reported to the police and DSS. They intervened by inviting the two parties though the case was still there till now. Surprisingly to us, the same interim manageent committee that we constituted and the fought us was what they now went and constituted today (29th July, 2020). 

“So that’s the problem. And when we got information indirectly about what they did today, they refused us who were duly constituted as interim committee to have access to the State IPAC office. The only allowed the few who are supporting government to participate in the said inauguration. We have complained to the national leadership of IPAC but they said they will get back to us, but till now we have not heard from them. 

“When I went to the venue, I was asked to leave the place by thugs who were positioned at the gate. One Kate Ohakam came, she was asked to leave the venue. The same thing they also did to my colleague, Mr. Sabastine Obyia the Chairman of zenith Labour Party.

“This press briefing is to tell the public why we are against what they did and to say that we are not satisfied with what has happened and we are not happy with the national officers who came to perform such illegality in Ebonyi State. We were sidelined even when we were used to fight for them. We obeyed their directives and when it was time for them to protect our interest; they now left us and joined the side of government. So we don’t understand what that means.

“I want to still inform the public that I still remain the chairman of the State IPAC interim management committee. What they did was a kangaroo exercise. It’s illegal and cannot stand. Other Executive; Mr. Nkwuda of YPP, Mr. Obyia of Zenith labour party and others are strongly with me and that process cannot stand. We shall challenge it to any level” he concluded.

On his part, the State Chairman of Zenith Labour party, Mr. Sabastine Friday Obiya   alleged that majority of those used for the said interim leadership are not party chairmen and that the national officers who came for the exercise were bribed by government for them to approve the new leadership.

“I want to totally align myself with the information released by the state interim Chairman of IPAC, Mr. Austin Nweze because he was duly elected and I was part of the process that brought him in as the chairman. The State Chairman of YPP, Mr. Nkwuda, I and others were driven out of the place they did whatever they came to do. It was just few members out of the eighteen political parties that were allowed. What they did was to gather some group of thugs to answer the names of our parties in the name that they have done the interim committee which cannot stand in accordance with what my chairman explained.

“The national body sent to Ebonyi state is bias. They came to Ebonyi yesterday, went to government House and they were moved to the governor’ hotel Osborn. And that is where they concluded the whole arrangement to use people who are not party chairmen to replace us who are the genuine and existing party chairmen in the state who survived the deregistration done by INEC”

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