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New Political Powers in Ikwo Noyo



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By Israel Mbam

Ikwo has remained a major determinant of who gets what in Ebonyi politics. A place where anything is possible. In terms of politics, when Ikwo people are against you, it will take God’s intervention for you to be political relevant again.

In this current political era, any person given political position especially in Ikwo must be ready to serve the people and powers that be or be ready to be shown the way out. Nothing is impossible in Ikwo once they are out for you.

On the fate of the Former Executive Chairman of the Council, it should be noted that many factors fought Hon. John Nnabo especially internal and external crises which could not allow him to properly serve his people and power brokers in Ikwo and the State. He is not a bad leader per say, but the internal and external powers against him was much.

The dawn of a new era: With the strides and great move of Comrade Chinedu Ogah and the immediate past Caretaker Chairman, Elder Steve Orogwu who within their stay in office, demonstrated competence and readiness to serve, political positions in Ikwo now call for such persons to be at the helm of affairs. This is very important considering the complexity and need of the time in Ikwo and as 2023 general election draws nearer.

On the other hand, Governor David Umahi with the recent appointment of Hon John Nnabo as SA, kept to his promise of not leaving anyone who worked for him during the 2015 and 2019 elections. He had continued to incorporate them even if it calls for creating non existing positions, just to make sure such a person is still in government. While I commend him for keeping to that promise, he should also remember Mr. Esor Udogu and Hon. Chinedu Ogboji who worked as DC Coordinators in the same Ikwo.

At this point, let me congratulate the Southeast PDP Youth Leader and SA on Youth Employment, Comrade Chidiebere Good Luck Egwu who is now the caretaker chairmen of Ikwo LGA. Let me also commend the man of the moment who many described as game changer haven proved to be an experienced leader who is ready to deliver, Elder Steve Orogwu Orogwu deserved to be celebrated and promoted.

With the crop of leaders who are competing to rewrite the ugly story of Ikwo Noyo, there is indeed great hope that Ikwo Noyo will rise to take its rightful place as not only the largest in the state, but also the most blessed among her equals.

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