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Laudable Achievements of Mrs. Jennifer Adibe, SA Inter Party, Labor Relation



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Today makes it exactly one year June 10, 2020 makes it exactly one year of the appointment and inauguration of Comr. Mrs. Jennifer Adibe-Nwafor as the Special Assistant to the Ebonyi State Governor, His Excellency, Engr. David Nweze Umahi on Inter Party and Labour Matters. She was sworn in and took her Oath of Office on the 10th of July, 2020 respectively.


We are most grateful to the Executive Governor of Ebonyi state, His Excellency Engr Apsotle David Nweze Umahi and wife for his transformational mission of aggressive infrastructural facelift in the state so beautiful to behold and to envy of so many other states, the Margret Umahi international market, the ongoing construction of International Airport, the giant strides in health, Education, Agriculture tourism and most importantly the massive human empowerment of more than 100,000 Ebonyians who have been lifted from class of poverty and under development to the hub of economic freedom, I applaud His Excellency so highly.

To the deputy governor, Barr Kelechi Igwe and wife and all Exco members, may God reward all your efforts in supporting the progress and growth of the state.

It is worthy of note that Mrs Jennifer Adibe-Nwafor one year in office remembrance came in a time when the entire human race is facing the global covid-19 pandemic which she had equally stand out in performing her duties.

Indeed, her appointment was greeted with tremendous commendations and celebrations by those who know her, and described her appointment as SA on Inter-Party and Labour Matters as a round peg in a round hole in view of her wealth of knowledge in managing unionism and comradeship affairs.

across quotas due to the fact that she is a woman who makes things happen.

Comr. Jennifer Adibe-Nwafor began her political career as an undergraduate student at Ebonyi state university, Abakaliki when she contested and won the seat of the Vice President of the Students Union Government (SUG) in 2013.

Upon completion of her tenure in office as Vice President of the SUG, she moved on to contest and win the position of Assistant Secretary General of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) zone B comprising of the South East and South South.

She later joined kp, and became the Ebonyi state Chairman of the Party from where she contested and won the State Chairmanship of the Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC), the umbrella body of all registered political parties in Nigeria from where she was spotted by the eagle eyes of His Excellency, Engr. David Nweze Umahi, FNSE, FNATE, and appointed Special Assistant on Inter-Party and Labour Matters.

However, the laudable achievements and pragmatic leadership in steering Labour matter’s and ensuring harmonious relationship in Inter Party in the State is a through reflection of the popular aphorism: What a man can do, woman can do it better. Her disposition, temperament, humility and respect for the Powers that be including those working with her is an eloquent testimony of her quintessential leadership acumen

Undoubtedly, Mrs Jennifer Adibe-Nwafor has achieved the following remarkable achievements within one year in office as SA to His Excellency, Engr David Nweze Umahi:

•To ensure transparency in the Civil Service System and to know the authentic workers, she carried out workers Verification exercise, both State and Local Government Areas.

•She also Established workers transport scheme to enable the workers ease difficulty been faced while going to work.

•Enhancing Government workers relationship
And peaceful conduct of IPAC elections in the State

•Maintenance and establishment of Good relationship between opposition parties and the ruling party in the State

•Initiatiated an hour Program in Ebbc98.1fm radio called Labour hour wherein issues pertaining to workers, their welfare, and Government package for them are unveiled.

•She Attracted UBEB project to community primary school Ndufu Ogboji in Ezza North Local Government Area.

She also established partnership with International Republican Institute (IRI), Development Integrity and Intervention Goals (DIG) Foundation.
She renovated the IPAC Secretariat and furbished it to admirable Standard.

•She organised entrepreneurship training for Artisans in the State. And shared palliatives to widows, aged women and the youths during the novel covid occasioned by nationwide lockdown. She equally visited the Imoha Covid 19 holding centre and distributed material’s to those been quarantined and undisclosed cash.

•She ensured prompt payment of workers salary and payment of minimum wage which Governor Umahi was the first to do so. She partnered with DIG Foundation to organize a Demand Side-Supply side Multi Stakeholders Citizen’s engagement program/ town hall meeting in the area of Health, Education and WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) held last year 28th Nov; 2019 among other achievements too numerous to outline.

Furthermore, Mrs Jennifer Adibe-Nwafor within the one year in office has attended several functions within and outside. And represented His Excellency Engr Dave Umahi at the Nigeria Conference held at International Conference Centre, Abuja between 28th-29th Nov, 2019 and made valuable contributions. She participated and represented Ebonyi at Awka, Anambra State in the program aimed to stimulate Partnership to engage, Reform and Learn (PERL) in Public Sector Accountability and Governance Programme funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) which focused on how to support Government their core Business of making, implementing, tracking and accounting for policies, plans and budget used in delivering public goods and services to the citizenry.

The elegant Jennifer had featured in different Exco members Committee both in the past and present, to include:

•Exco committee on new minimum wage (Member)

•Gratuity and pension Committee (Member)

•Unserviceable Vehicle Committee (Secretary)

•Electric Tricycle Committee (Member)

•Allocation of Industries Committee (Member)

•Subcommittee Chairman on others heads of Committees

•2019/2020 EBSU Agro based Loan for Civil Servants disbursement (Chairman)

•Primary Schools teachers Training Committee (Member)

•Verification of State and Local Government workers Committee (Member)

•Committee on Extended Special Public Works program across the 774 LGAs of the Federation dated June 1st 2020 among others

In recognition of Mrs Jennifer’s excellent performance as the Special Assistant on Inter Party and Labour Matters and her commitment, visions and mantra’s, His Excellency Engr Dave Umahi who admires industriousness appointed her as the SA on King David Gifted Children Academy making her a triple SAs: Inter Party, Labour Matters and King David Gifted Academy. The reward of good work is more opportunity.
This rare opportunity is an undiluted testimony to show that Mrs Jennifer Adibe-Nwafor know her Onion and have the capacity to deliver timely on any assignment given to her.

Mrs Jennifer will definitely pour her wisdom, disposition and prowess to ensure that the aspirations of His Excellency Engr Dave Umahi in establishing the School is achieved positively. Mr Jennifer Adibe is a golden fish that cannot be hidden. She is a genius, a colossus, a phenomenal is sort and point of reference to the upcoming female politician’s in Ebonyi State.

As she mark one year in office this day 10th July, 2020, she is poised to keep the tempo and bring more development that will foster unity in Labour Union and Inter Party affairs in Ebonyi State. It is the prayers of her admirers that God should continue to enlarge her coast, give her the good health, strength, Grace and wisdom to continue to soar higher in the hall of fame.

We appreciates her friends and bosses, the TA’s in her office, her staffs and all her personal aides who the Lord has blessed her with to help in championing this course of grace and this call to serve. She’s most grateful and thankful for your inputs and workable contributions.

She want to reassure you all of her continous support to his Excellency the Governor in making sure the policies and thrust of this wonderful Administration is achieved .

By God’s grace which is permanently sufficient to us, this pandemic ravaging the world will tarry no longer.

God bless you all and thank you

Written By Amb Martins Chinonso Nwede.

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