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Child’s place of plan unveil 2020 Education plan



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Recall that in 2017, The Child’s Place of Plan Initiative, TCPPI awarded scholarships to two indigent students from Benue State, Niger ia. Miss Dooven Tyobul, aged 13 of Vandeikya L.G.A and Master Azua Alexander, aged 15 a student of Roselady College Gboko from Konshisha L.G.A. who emerged the best overall in Gboko inter-school competition on Mathematics and English Test (MET) examination.
Miss Tyobul was offered a scholarship from secondary school to the university level having dropped out of school for lack of sponsorship and was picked while hawking sachet water on the street by the president of TCPPI, Amb. Anoke, Reuben. This is in fulfilment to one of the aims and objectives of TCPPI to reduce the number of out of school children in Nigeria while Master Alexander was offered an O’level scholarship.
The P.R.O of TCPPI Ambassador Aneke Lawrence has visited them the first time to see how the students were doing and as well provided them with some textbooks and has also repeated his visit for the second time to check on them. This is in fulfilment of our promise to keep mentoring our students in order to position them well in the society and aligned them to the act of patriotism to the benefit of our dear country Nigeria.
During his second visit, Master Alexander’s WAEC fee was paid, and more textbooks were given to equip him for his forth coming examination. He as well inspected the school uniform, textbooks, exercise books and academic performance of Miss Tyobul.
We are committed to the course of revamping the education sector of Nigeria. We don’t just wish, we act and we are getting ourselves prepared for the ultimate course even as we are raising intellectually minded youth for this singular purpose and to make a round positive IMPACT in our society. There’s no going back to this task for it always seems impossible until it’s done.

#LetsRevampTheEducationSector OfNigeria



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