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Changing Political Narrative: Comrade Ogah’s Example



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By Clifford Enyita

Cambridge Dictionary defines politics as “the activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially the debate between parties having power or activities aimed at improving someone’s status or increasing power within an organization.”

This definition is being construed by people in different perspectives but for the want of time, I would not want to digress from the topic under discussion. 

In the past, politicians in Nigeria have been fighting over who rules a particular area or not with the ambition to control people’s resources for the betterment of their lives, families, and lucky friends.  This singular objective of utilizing political opportunities to defraud the populace has been the major factor limiting the development of Nigeria at all sectors, promoting mediocrity and incompetence, promoting social vices and dehumanization of less privileged individuals in the society. 

However, following the continued development of such mischievous cataclysmic political engagements  and the slogan that ” Change begins with me” are all  key factors that motivated Hon. Comrade Chinedu Nweke Ogah (OON) to get involved into politics alongside his utilitarianism beliefs for transforming human race. 

Since Hon. Ogah got involved into politics, he is known for utilizing every available opportunity to promote the physical health and general wellbeing of the people. His desperation to make more impact on the youth’s and women led him to establish Ebonyi Youth’s Assembly, Ebonyi Women Assembly  and Chiboy Foundations, an organizations that has empowered thousands of women and youth’s including the vulnerable people who have been forgotten by the government. Hon. Ogah has remarkable background history for giving jobs for youth’s into Federal Ministries, parastatals and Agencies as well  as cooperate organizations.  Hon. Ogah humanitarian services became so obvious that the administration of Former President Goodluck Jonathan GCFR was left with no option than to award him a National Honor ” Officer of the Order of the Niger (OON), a title that stood him tall among equal. 

To some people, achieving such a rare National award would mark the declining of their good deeds but for Hon. Ogah, it actually marked the beginning of his commitment to impact on humanity. 

 Hon. Ogah who believes in “live and let’s live” understand that humanity is the highest gift given by God to bless the earth and that a “tree does not make a forest” neither can a “single man fight a world war”. Hon. Ogah believes that the best instrument for humanity liberation is education and empowerment and this forms the basis of his leadership agenda as well as infrastructural development. 

During the 2019 general elections, Hon. Ogah passionately joined the political train under the umbrella of All progressive Congress (APC), a political party that was not known in Ebonyi State before Hon. Ogah sojourn into the APC in 2015. 

People who know Hon. Ogah before 2015 believed that Hon. Ogah is a very good and reliable candidate but his political party APC which is presumably unknown in the State where PDP laid siege in power since her democratic journey in 1999 would be the reason why Hon. Ogah would loose out in the 2019 general election.

However,  the panthera Leo of African politics, the economic freedom fighter, the likes of Nelson Mandela of South Africa , Hon. Comrade Chinedu Ogah OON was not deterred by people’s political permutations about his ambition and his political party choice but rather curiously embarked on the grassroots political movement where his good deeds are reflective in people’s daily living. Hon. Ogah political train was boarded by all indigenous Ebonyians irrespective of Constituency of political contests. The youth’s got immunized against political intimidation arising from the opposition party members, the elderly women left their breast open for divine intervention, the pastors fasted day and night for divine intercession, the men and even children all rose in defense of common good as Hon. Comrade Chinedu Nweke Ogah (OON) is believed to be the leader God sent like Moses for changing the political narratives of Ebonyi State beginning from Ezza South/Ikwo Federal Constituency. 

The election was rigged but yet, the people’s divine candidate was not deterred rather as a leader who believes so much in democratic process and justice, he charged the election riggers and the beneficiary of the rigged election to court.  While in court, Hon. Ogah constituents members followed him to court to testify how they voted their God given human Saviour, Hon. Ogah and President Muhammadu Buhari in APC during the 2019 general election and how it was rigged in the dark. After due judicial consideration, the people’s mandate was recovered first at the Tribunal and second at the Court of Appeal, a judicial decision that marked  the beginning of true democracy in Ebonyi State and restored the Hope’s and socioeconomic progress of the good people of Ezza South/Ikwo Federal Constituency. 

Following the Successive court’s ruling which  granted Hon. Ogah, the winner of the 2019 House of Representatives election for Ezza South/Ikwo Federal Constituency, the people’s choice leader during a press conference noted that ” I will give my returns and proper accountability to my people, my constituents members. I will give jobs to the youth’s, award scholarships to our young children, build sustainable infrastructures, empower artisans, traders and train more people for skills acquisition. My people are my stakeholders and I will carry them along in all my deliberations as a lawmaker”, among other statements he made. 

Three weeks after his inauguration into the National Assembly in November 2019, Hon. Ogah moved  a motion for “humanitarian support for the victims of flood and war in Ebonyi State” and called FG to stop Ebonyi/Cross River communal clashes, a prayer that was overwhelmingly supported by the majority of the House of Representatives Members and granted by FG.

One month later, the pragmatic legendary Legislator, Hon. Ogah started fulfilling his pre and post election promises. 

First, he empowered over four hundred thousand people drawn from across Ebonyi State and beyond including people from Northern Nigeria with Tricycles, motorcycles, cassava processors, generators, sewing machines, flour processing machines, cash gifts and so on. This first empowerment obviously sparked questions from across Members of other constituencies as whether Hon. Ogah is a Legislator, Governor of State or even Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria because what he did was far greater than what the executive arms can do in a tenure without mentioning Legislators  whose voices are only being heard during elections campaign only. 

As if that was not enough, one week later, Hon. Ogah through the help of the Rev. Father’s identified over 1000 indigents beneficiaries of Hon. Ogah WAEC fees scholarship  funds and others who were awarded both undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships to study in any Nigerian University of their  choice. Another two weeks later, Hon. Comrade Chinedu Ogah OON distributed over 67 employment letters to profiled graduates from Ezza South/Ikwo Federal Constituency to work in different Ministries and Agencies of the Federal government.  Since January 2020, Hon. Comrade Chinedu Ogah OON has been distributing empowerment materials, employment opportunities, entrepreneurship opportunities and so on to hundreds of people across three Senatorial zones in Ebonyi State. Till date, Hon. Ogah is still the only political leader in  Ebonyi State to disburse free monetary cash, Tricycles, motorcycles and truck loads of fertilizers to support farmers in Ebonyi State.  

Hon. Ogah is the only political leader who has given permanent employment opportunities to over 500 graduates in less than one year in office as a Legislator.

Hon. Ogah is the first political leader to disburse palliatives to Ebonyians in order to cushion the effect of Covid-19 lockdown in Ebonyi State.  The first among equal pragmatic Legislator is the only leader from Ebonyi State who believes that only job opportunities provision that can help fight against the damages of Covid-19 pandemic as well  as fight against socioeconomic insecurity  in Ebonyi State.

In the area of infrastructure, the pragmatic Legislator, Hon. Ogah has built several bridges across communities, equipped primary health care centers and constructed primary and secondary school blocks, restored all dysfunctional boreholes into full functioning, restored electricity after decades of darkness to the benefits of the good people of Ezza South/Ikwo Federal Constituency. 

Till date, Hon. Ogah has sponsored several bills including the bill for the establishment of food processing industry in Ebonyi State, moved over 100 motions of key national interests, wrote several petitions including petition against Royal Salt for refusal to provide jobs and basic social amenities for the host community, and supported more than 500 motions of key National interests. 

Without doubts, the evidence from the outstanding leadership ingenuity and pedigree of Hon Ogah presents itself that Hon. Comrade Chinedu Ogah OON has changed the political narrative in Ebonyi State beginning from 1999 till date.  

Dr. Enyita Clifford IteshiLecturer/Researcher, Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike, Ikwo, Nigeria.

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