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Can Nigerian political leaders be delivered from the same ideological politics



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It should be noted that the various system of administrations of ruling government in Nigeria since 1999 had been suffering from the same ideological politics until now such corresponding factor has not changed among the political leaders in spite of the severe  criticism and exposition of the country in the bad light and the relegation of the nation’s prides through  their political beliefs  in Machiavellian policy in political administrations.

Therefore, the political problems that are causing set back of development in the country is the result of the same ideological politics among the political leaders and theirs parties. These political pilots of nation’s affairs indeed often cherishing this similar factor that extremely allowed system in the government that grants their avenue of enability to achieve their fraudulent practices such as godfatherism, corruption, marginalization, selfishness and nepotism. 

This imitation of machination that having influenced the Nigerian government to the extend it becomes a culture to their political leaders have tremendously caused them to still remaroling in the same circle of politics in the country. This is a threat to the Democratic system of government. It makes the citizens not to feel the evidence of democracy in the country. However looking at the numerals political lifestyles exhibiting among Nigerian leaders below you will still doubt the fixings of this nation standardly.

 Godfatherism this is a dirty practice in Nigerian politics is no longer a shameless deal between the godson and the godfather. This practice has caused a lot of under development in various states; and depriving the people their rights and choices. It also render democracy impotent. The fear of heavy punishment of disobedience to the order of constitution in the country is no longer there for the leaders but for the led. If something is not done, this callous exhibition by the political leaders will dry up the whole democratic system of administration in various states in Nigeria. 

Corruption it is an epidemic in Nigeria. It is likely to be a way of life in our political system in this country. It is an avenue of power used by the leaders to do dishonest or illega lthings in return for money or to get an advantage. Corruption is bad. Bribery, over inflation of contract values, outright abandonment of development projects after mobilization fee is paid, advanced fee fraud (419), embezzlement, rigging of elections, are all forms of corruption playing in this country. Leaving the masses to continue to suffer in the nation endowed with natural resources. 

Marginalization, in recent times, there have been complaints of marginalization of some ethnic groups in the federal appointment of Chiefs or in the provision of basic social amenities. It has extended to the arm forces. When states are deprived of such appointment or of the basic amenities, they complain of marginalization of their states. This kind of political lifestyles have rooted Nigerian politics without thinking about emendation at all. 

Selfishness, some of the political pilots of nation’s affairs are irresponsible and selfish in discharging their duties. They are chiefly concerned with their own interests without caring for others. Some Local government chairmen, state governors and some past heads of state and government were said to be selfish in their use of public funds. Sometimes, they misdirected the public funds to their personal use. 

Nepotism is favoritism in employment or business shown to relatives and friends. This is not good. These are what some political leaders do in expense of other people. This is very bad in any government of a country especially in Nigeria. 

More so, the political die is cast of ideology among the past and present leaders have caused a whole lot of threat to the democracy, rule of law, separation of power, and check and balance among the three arms of government. Consequently it makes the citizens not to feel a good impact of democracy in the country. 

Although the system of political ideology in various countries among the political leaders vary from country to country. But political ideology that influenced Nigerian government and its leaders are roaming in the same direction without revolutionary of any aspect. 

Finally, the order of intensity of attention should be devoted to some aspects of  the same ideological politics that is seriously lessen the development of the country.
Written by Mbibi C. Longinus

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