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Africa Rice Centre Installs Innovative Processing Plants In Sokoto River Basin



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Full operation starts in March – Dr. Dababa

From Victor Nwegede

Africa Rice Centre also known as AfricaRice and National Cereals Research Institute (NCRI) Badeggi are currently implementing research project called Innovative Research and Development for Value Chain Action Research at the Middle Rima Valley Irrigation Scheme (MRVIS), Goronyo, one of the axis of Sokoto Rima River Basin Development Authority (SRRBDA) in Sokoto State as a part of component 3 of the project meant for enhancing agricultural productivity and support to value chain development of the TRIMING Project in Nigeria.

Goronyo Rice Innovation Platform (GRIP) was inaugurated to facilitate the development of rice value chain actors through the modernization of existing local rice processing technologies by providing improved tools for post-harvest processing activities. This was made known to our information desk by Dr Danbaba Nahemiah, a rice post-harvest and value addition research specialist with the project.

According to Dr Danbaba, the installation of rice processing plant is intended to improve local rice processing to enhance milled rice quality and consequently market price. TRIMING Research Panel of Experts (TRPoEs) led by Professor Adeneji in company of Professor Alah, the ED. Agric SRRBDA, other well to do Professors including the management and staff of the Sokoto Rima River Basin Development Authority, SRRBDA, were at the facility on this Tuesday to monitor the level of the project implementation and readiness for full utilization by beneficiaries.

Danbaba said that the Panel came to know the level of implementation reached and restated that the rice processing facility will begin full production by March this year since they have almost met up with the innovations expected.

“We are putting in place all logistics and technical requirements for the take-off of capacity development of over 100 women and youths that will be involved in the rice processing operations and by the end of February or middle of March, 2020, the facility will be functional from rice paboiling to market level. Infact, the full operation starts in March this year.

The essence is to ensure that the actors are partaking on what we are doing, to ensure that they are part of the research. By the end of March this year, I am sure that rice paboiling will start here. That means Goronyo and its environs will start enjoying high quality made rice, that translates rice quality for eating, better quality for the rice in the markets, this translates also to more incomes for the farmers and the processors if the facility is done with, our children will have the opportunity for employment. They will be employed to do the work, some will have places to lay hands to make sales of rice, and so on, all the rice value chain actors are going to benefit”, Dr. Dababa said.

The Research Scientist further attributed some challenges encountered in the process of building the project to the organization cause, stressing that, “there are no where you can organize human beings into a set, they need a new dynamic way, where they will fit in appropriately for the easy making of an excellent result. They have been overcoming the challenges with the support of the leadership of the Sokoto Rima River Basin Development Authority and the staff including the research experts are doing their best to put an end some problems here.

“But I want to mention here, we are expecting challenges, and that is why we are researchers; solving the problem is the in-take for us. We are solving the problems as they come and we are making sure once we solved the problem, that problem becomes sustainably settled, it goes like that, but if at the end we must have something that cannot be overcomed, that means TRIMING Project will come and solve it for us”.

More so, the Project Manager MRVIP Goronyo, Alhaji Lawal Moh’d Mafara, and his assistants, Engr. Shaiubu Y. Isah and Mr. Mani Nabatsame narrated that the innovative platform chose MRVIP Goronyo because, one time in Abuja, each project under TRIMING selected a project to build in its axis but as luck did fall on them, Goronyo was chosen for rice processing mill and that brought about the rice milling station. They also confirmed the project being completed up to 95 percent, advising the intending beneficiaries to make good use of the opportunity.

“n the same vein, a stakeholder and Chairman of Water Users Association, MRVIP Goronyo, Ahlaji Ibrahim Abubakar expressed joy for the new change in his area. He reminded his co-farmers within the axis of the the importance of the innovation.

“It simply means, after harvesting our rice we will bring it here, processs it, and it will be taken to the market for the final consumers. Infact, they have almost completed the project. I really appreciate the handiworks of Sokoto Rima River Basin Development Authority and TRIMING Project. They are doing their best to improve lives of farmers here in Goronyo.

“My advice is that, we should be allowed to use this opportunity because this is not avail to everybody in some parts of this country. It’s just a privilege, we are all advised as farmers to register as a member of our association. This is innovative platform where rice value chain supplies machines and other facilities that ease rice milling in our area, so, it pays to register as a member for more benefits coming from the project.”

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